Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet My Pups...

I talk about my dogs a lot so I thought you should get to know them! :)

This is Russell! He is our 3 year old Great Dane. In October, he will begin
classes to train and become a therapy dog! He is a big teddy bear!

This is Ke$ha! Yes..Ke$ha! She was named by our breeder but now
Michael & I have fallen in love with her (and the name!). She is almost as tall as Russell but is ONLY 10 MONTHS! She is an energetic but adorable & sweet puppy! When she is a little older, she will also train to become a therapy dog!

Brought to you by the letter.....

Today your child reviewed the letters: m, s, p & t. We reviewed how to correctly write these letters on our writing paper. We also reviewed their sounds.

The following words were also reviewed and used in sentences: I, can, we & like.

Please practice these letter sounds and words with your child (in both reading and writing).

If you ever need writing paper, I can send a few sheets home and you can make copies. Please email me at

The Kissing Hand

Yesterday was a fabulous FIRST day of FIRST grade! :) It was fun getting to know everyone. The children explored their classroom and filled their desk with supplies for the FIRST time! It is a big deal moving up from kindgarten because the students have their own desk and cubby to take care of!

After going over a few housekeeping items, we did a few activities and finished our day reading The Kissing Hand (by Audrey Penn). Together we talked about our fears and excitement for a new school year! Then we made our own kissing hand to share our feelings with each other and the rest of the school.

The worksheet says "On the first day of first grade _______ felt ______." The children traced their hand and drew a heart in the center! Very simple and quick activity to help us talk about our first day jitters. I color copied a few of my favorite pages from the book to display in hall!

Blogging Newbie!

I am excited to update everyone on the different happenings in 1A! I am getting familiar with blogging and figuring out what to post! Hang tough with me and together we will cruise through the 2011-2012 FIRST GRADE YEAR! :)

"Step by Step" in 1A! Come take a look at our room!

Welcome to 1A!
 I am so excited to have you in my class!

My crafty mom helped create something I saw in a
 magazine when she was visiting me! :)

The children love decorating their own tooth
to place on our chart!

The students are READY to LEARN with our
"clip up" & "clip down" behavior system!

We stay organized in 1A with our own cubbies!
The children love having a "locker."

The children share a picture of themselves from their summer vacation
on our "God made me Special" board!

1A's seasonal bulletin board!

Reading Center

Classroom Library
I use color/shape coded bins to help keep things organized!
Seasonal/theme books are highlighted on the top shelves.