Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally...we are getting back to normal! :)

Well...this year was definitely off to a different start than other school years! :) As I mentioned in my previous post, we haven't had AC since the start of the 2012-2013 school year. The kids have been such troopers! We worked in our classroom throughout the AM while it was still cool. In the afternoon, we shuffled around the school building to open classrooms to try and stay a little cooler. This past week, we were out of our classroom for 2 whole days. On Wednesday, I set up classroom in the music portable. Thank GOD Ms. B is amazing and allowed us to be in her classroom all day. On Thursday, I created a classroom in the auditorium. I wish I took a picture because our make shift classroom wasn't too shabby! :) My coworkers have been AMAZING: offering their rooms, combining classes to give us a break from the heat, and loaning items for my make shift classrooms! I truly have the greatest coworkers! :)
Again, it has been amazing to watch how my kiddos have been able to work through all this craziness!! Moving up from kindergarten to first grade is a transition in itself. Throw all the other craziness and I was expecting a zoo. The kiddos suprised me and were SO awesome! :)
So, apologies about my lack of posts since the first grade year has started. With being shuffled around, the last thing on my mind was the blog! We have finished out Start Smart book and have now entered into our hardback reader! The kids are loving their "big kid" books! Next week, be on the look out for pictures of the kids in action and updates as to what is going on in 1A! :)
Thanks again for all the CONGRATS!
I am happy to share that I am expecting a baby BOY this February!! :)
Take a look at some of the class name suggestions:



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off to a great start...

Well...the first grade year is off to a great start! Last week, I welcomed 21 smiling kiddos into my classroom. It is so much fun to see how much they have grown since Kindergarten. I was worried the kids wouldn't be smiling for long because in my classsroom...we are dealing with a little "situation!" My classroom is the ONLY classroom with a broken AC unit. It is quite hot in here! It is noisy too since I have 2 portable AC units, 3 fans, and 2 dehumidifiers running! The kids (and myself) are being real troopers as they are trying to adjust to a new classroom, new year, new desks, etc. We are being shuffled around the building to find various cool spots. Thankfully, I work with AWESOME people who have welcomed my class with open arms to get a break from the hot room. We decided that 1A is offering up any complaints we might have to Jesus! :)
So...back to the beginning of the year! The kids have been working very hard reviewing some Kindergarten work and taking various assessments. We have been practicing various letters (both sounds and handwriting). We are also reviewing different sight words. Here is a list of the words we have covered so far in 1st grade:
I                  can                     we                      like
see                  the                   go                      to 
and                  have                  a                     he 
is                 she             and           said            are
Be sure to practice these words at home. Also, re-read the mini books that come home. The sight words are used throughout the mini books!

These are our "Chester the Raccoon" art projects. We always read
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn during the first few days of school.
The children wrote about something they
wanted to learn this school year.

The kids worked in groups to create their memories
of the "first week of first grade" posters.
I will begin posting more pictures next week once I receive all blog permission slips from the parents. Be sure to check back for work samples or the kids in action! :)
 Below you will find some new additions to my classroom.
 Welcome Door...of course...have to represent NKOTB in some way!
Yes, if you are new to my blog...I still LOVE New Kids on the Block! :)
Sorry! HAHA!

 This is  my new classroom wreath. My mom and I made it over the summer!
 Thank you Pinterest for the idea!

Here is another Pinterest idea. These are the most common parts of the day that I am asked about.
 I decided to set up these clocks so that I can direct the kids to look at the classroom clock!
They will definitely be more helpful once we review time.
Now...on to planning for Back to School Night!