Friday, April 27, 2012

Perfect Way to End the Week

My class was one of the two classes that brought in the most grocery store numbers in the Fall.
(To help raise money for our school, bonus card numbers are collected.)
 For winning, we got a tasty treat from Kona Ice!
Take a look below! :)

Wishing everyone a GREAT weekend! :)

Ding Ding...Round 3 with Stanley

Michael K. was up first. He took Stanley to Port Discovery for some adventures. He saw a lot of cool things there. Stanley toured around Egypt and hung out with a mummy. Michael took Stanley to the library and Candy Cane City.

Rachel titled her project "Flat Stanley's Fun Adventures!" Stanley went to his favorite restaurant, McDonald's.  He also had some hot cocoa at Starbucks. Rachel took Stanley to ballet class. Stanley witnessed a little accident on Rachel's street...a garbage truck that flipped onto a neighbor's lawn! He was happy that no one was hurt!

Ava had a lot of adventures with Stanley. Ava's sister "broke" Stanley's arm so she had to play doctor and put on a cast. Stanley hung out with Ava's aunt, got to paint, visited DC, went to work with Mr. G, and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. Stanley enjoyed BWW so much that he stayed behind so Ava had to make a new Stanley! Ava & Stanley finished up break at the Maryland Zoo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flat Stanley...Round 2!

Julia was up first today. Stanley traveled to Philly with Julia and her family. From the Betsy Ross house to Elfreth's Alley to lunch with her Aunt...Stanley saw A LOT! Stanley had Rita's ice, doughnuts, and went to the circus! He took a lot of local trips around the DC area...including going to work with Julia's dad! Great presentation Julia!

Olivia was up next! She took her Stanley to Florida for a little fun in the sun. Stanley ate some pizza, saw the Blue Angels practice, at crabs, and played mini golf. Flat Stanley also went for a tour of the Krispy Kreme store and to the hospital with Olivia's mom. What a fun break and great project!

Next up...Caroline. Caroline took Stanley to NYC! Stanley saw Times Square, the World Trade Center site, rode the subway, played in the biggest toy store EVER, and feasted his eyes on the candy at the M&M store. Stanley even rode in a limo and saw a broadway show! NYC was pretty busy so Stanley finished off his adventure relaxing at the beach! Great job!

Last up for the day was Kathleen. Stanley took a lot of adventures with Kathleen and her family. Stanley hung out with her brother at the park and barber shop. Stanley went to Boston with Kathleen's mom. He got to ride on a plane and saw the Charles River. Stanley "hung" with Kathleen on the monkey bars. Kathleen was nice to read him a bedtime story too. Stanley had an awesome break with Kathleen. Great work!

Video...long over due! :)

So...I was finally able to get a video of Russell drinking out of my kitchen sink! The kids have been asking since the Fall but Russell has been a little camera shy! After running him around when I got home from work yesterday, he was VERY thirsty. I pulled out my camera, began recording, and BOOM! Here is the video of Russell enjoying a drink out of my sink! :)

I also showed the kids a video of how Ke$ha reacts to deer (or cat, bunny, etc.) in the yard. The video wasn't her best stay tuned!


Today, our principal gave us a "ROCK THE RED" tag day to help pump us up for the big game! In honor of ROCK THE RED, I cancelled any homework planned for tonight so that the kids could enjoy the nice weather and the game! So...say it with me...
The window in the front of the school!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flat Stanley...Round 1

Yesterday, we started sharing our Flat Stanley projects! I shared my power point with the kids (and on the blog) first. This year, one of my students created a power point as well. She added her voice to each slide. The slide transitions and the expression in her voice made for a very entertaining presentation. The kids loved it and so did I! Great job Emma! You can see a few slides below.

Today, we took last period to go through a few more presentations.

 First up was Anthony. He told us all about his adventures with Stanley to the Zoo & Kings Dominion! Anthony & Stanley also painted pottery, met Sally/Linus & did a little shopping! Take a look at Anthony giving his great presentation.

Next, Andrea gave her presentation. Andrea's Flat Stanley saw a lot of cool things. He saw live lobsters, the Easter Bunny, & baby chicks. Her presentation made use hungry with her trip through the grocery store. At the end of Stanley's adventure, he got a bubble bath! Take a look! Awesome job Andrea!

Michael was next to present. Michael & Stanley traveled to NYC/Fenwick Island and did a lot of fun things. They went to the park, decorated eggs, played mini golf, ate some yummy food, & took a nap! Stanley even went into the ocean. Take a look! You rock Michael!

Up next was Joseph. Joseph also took Stanley to the park and even on a play date with a friend. Stanley hung out with Joseph's family and played with his sister. Stanley had a lot of fun being buried in the sand while on a trip to Ocean City! See below! Super job Joseph!

Chris was next to present to 1A. Stanley started off his adventure at Chris' house with his family. They "chilled" together and also ate some chocolate covered fruit = YUM! Chris took Stanley to the Franciscan Monastery. Next, Chris and his family traveled to Disney World. Stanley didn't get to meet my favorite (DOPEY) but he did meet Donald! Take a peek! Fantastic work Chris!

Claire was our last presenter of the day. Her presentation received a lot of laughs. Stanley chilled with some sun glasses and played with his pet RAT! He hung out with his girlfriend (Barbie) and also made a slam dunk. Stanley had a great break with Claire...even though he got into some trouble with a Nerf gun!
Great job!

Congrats to all the presenters today! The projects were great and your adventures were so MUCH fun! Thank you for sharing. Be sure to check back for more Flat Stanley FUN!