Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Thank you to all the parents that came with 1A to our ZOO field trip. We had a great time at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! The first and third graders enjoy this trip together. Usually we go to the National Zoo but we decided to switch it up so that each grade could experience a different zoo.

Here are some of the many pictures I took for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1A is a little SPACEY

This week we are learning about the Solar System in Science. Yesterday, the kids worked on a little art project using chalk. Today, during computers, the kids worked on Pixie to create the Solar System.
1A Solar Systems:

Arts Festival 2012

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the people responsible for another awesome Arts Festival! Each year, our school takes a break from the daily routine to focus on the regions from the Mission Rosary. Each grade focuses on a different region...learning about their culture
and creating different art pieces (drawing, painting, cooking, dance, singing, etc).
Take a look at some of the FUN 1A had last week!
(A special thank you to all the 1A parent volunteers! We could not have done it without you!)

We kicked off the Arts Fesitival with Marie Miller. She is a singer/songwriter who incorporates God into her music. She reminded us that God created all Art and to see Him in everything we were going to do during our activities . Click on her name to check her out. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice and spreads a wonderful message. I hope we get her back. The kids LOVED it.

A favorite of mine is always Dancing with Sabine. Sabine knows how to get the kids moving. My classes always love dancing but this class...LOVES dancing! Click on the link to learn more about her classes. Check her out over the summer!

We also got to listen to the Navy Band Brass Quartet!

To incorporate our region from the Mission Rosary, the first grade students learned a lot about Africa. We created a mural, African shelters, solar stills, masks, & cave art! Take a look! :)

I took some great videos of the guests mentioned above but each time
 I try to upload the video there is an error! I will keep trying! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Last round of Stanley presentations!

This week, we finished up the last of our Stanley presentations.
The kids really enjoyed sharing their adventures with the class.
Stanley traveled a lot of fun places over Spring Break.
 I can't wait to see where Stanley travels when part 2
of the project is complete in mid May. 
Stay tuned!

Mason went first and told us all about his adventues with Stanley in Jamaica! Stanley stayed in a cool beach house and met some of the fun staff members while there. He dyed eggs, went on the beach, and rode on a golf cart. Hopefully he didn't drive it because he isn't old enough yet! :)

Luke was up next. He took Stanley to watch the Discovery Shuttle fly over the Washington Monument.  Luke is a huge CAPS fan so Stanley obviously went to the Verizon Center to cheer on the CAPS! Flat Stanley got a to meet a Superbowl Champ! He toured through Port Discovery in Baltimore & hung out with Luke's Mom in NYC!

Next to present was Ryan. He told us all about his adventures to Disney World with his Flat Stanley. Stanley loved the plane ride until he started to feel sick. Ryan was there with an airsick bag just in case! When the flight landed, Ryan & Stanley went into the cockpit to meet the pilot. They had lots of FUN at the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, & Epcot.

Up next was Andrew. Andrew and Stanley had a relaxing break together at the beach. He through in a little activity by going to soccer practice and cheering on the NATS at the home opener. They also relaxed together at home to watch another NATS game. Stanley met another "famous" person...Hayley Reinhart (from American Idol) at his mom's work!  

Last but not least was Trevor. He created a "Where in Cape Stanley?" game. He passed out a map of Cape May to each student. Together, they searched the map to find where Stanley visited. He saw the lighthouse, went on the beach, and played Skee Ball! Skee Ball is my favorite.
 I wish I went to Cape May with Stanley! :)

They all did an AWESOME job with their projects.
I hope you enjoyed learning about their
adventures as much as I did! :)