Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well...Halloween is off to a different start this year at HR. We have postponed our Field Day/Halloween Fun until Friday since we were off Monday & Tuesday because of Hurricane Sandy! We kept those affected by the storm in our thoughts and prayers today and hope you will do the same.

We had a to play a bit of catch up today since we had 2 unexpected "hurricane" days! It is always nice to sleep in but I love routine and was happy to see my 21 smiling faces this morning!
Please be sure to check Edline for the weekly letter! The children will be bringing home a "rainbow words" spelling practice sheet. The spelling words were also included in an email sent out earlier today. The spelling test will be on Monday morning!
Today, we started to discuss Nouns! To introduce the kids to nouns, we watched the SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK video. Please feel free to view this video. It is a catchy tune that reminds the kids that a Noun is a person, place, or thing! :)
Be sure to check back next week for Field Day/Halloween Fun pictures! :)
There is NO HOMEWORK tonight!
Enjoy Trick or Treating!
Don't forget my favorite candy! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012


We've got spirit...YES WE DO!
We've got spirit...HOW BOUT YOU?
It is spirit week here at HR! The kids have been having a blast all week with the daily themes.
There are a lot of great pictures (below) from this week. See the kids in their theme outfits, out at recess, and during center time/partner work!
Hope to see everyone at HOMECOMING tonight!


I had to be next to the Yankee Fans! :)


Monday, October 1, 2012


As I wrote the title of this post...I had to look again! Can it really be October already?? There are days that I feel we started the school year  months ago but most of the time, I feel like the kids just walked in the door.
On Friday, we wrapped up the month of September (and our 24th day of school) and I am so pleased with how well the kids have adjusted. As mentioned in a previous post, the first three weeks consisted of a lot of kindergarten review, routines, and WELCOME to 1st grade things! :) Today, we started our 3rd week of our hard back reader. The first week (Pam & Sam) we took really slow. There was a lot of whole group instruction. The kids rotated around center activities as I monitored the class progress and finished up some beginning of the year assessments. Last week, we went for it! I introduced all skills as a whole group on Monday. Tuesday-Thursday we worked in our small reading groups & centers. We have 4 rotations, which is perfect for my reading block. The kids did AWESOME! They needed very few reminders as to what was going on during center time. I was so happy with them! So again, today starts week 3 and the kids are already asking if they get to do centers again! This week, the kids will be working at a science/spelling center! We will be focusing on our spelling words, high frequency words, statements, and sequencing in small groups!
Each month, we create a craft project to hang from my ceiling. Last month, we created an apple person art project. This month is one of my favorites! The kids are creating BOO socks. I will post pictures this week once they are hanging up! For now, you can see pictures of the kids working on their BOO socks. I even have some video of the kids singing along with our Bible songs! (Most didn't know that I was recording but a few caught on!) I
t is one of the cutest things! :)

Each month, I decorate our classroom door with the kids pictures!
This month, "1A is BOO'TIFUL!"
For those that can't make it into the building we have 2 different things hanging in the hall. The kids still have their creation posters in the hall. On Thursday, the kids created a step by step drawing of Johnny Appleseed.  They look awesome! :)

Have a great Monday! :)